Photographing Kids Tip 5: Perspective

Perspective is one of my favourite tricks when it comes to photography. By changing the angle of the camera, you can bring interest,  depth and meaning to a photograph.  Below are four examples how you can use perspective to enhance photographs of your kids.

Example 1: Look Down

Instead of taking this photograph at eye level, I stood slightly above the girl and the focus is on her eyes.

photography and persepctive example 1

Example 2: Aerial

The best way to take this sort of photograph is be on a ladder or, like me in this case, on a bridge looking down at the girl on the grass.  One tip with aerial photos, keep feet visible so there is a perspective marker for the viewer.

photography and persepctive example 2

Example 3: Look Up

This is one of my favourite pictures of my children. It was taken from the ground looking up at the children on a playground climbing frame. Aren’t they adorable?

photography and persepctive example 3

Example 4: Tell a story

I title this photograph “safe”.  My son was frightened at the sound of a boat.  He came to stand close by my side and I held him.  My husband took this photograph and you can see my son’s clenched fist and the “I’m with Mum” expression.  Through perspective, this photograph tells the story of my son and the privillage I had to comfort him.

photography and perspective example 4

Which picture is your favourite?

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