Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft

I realise it’s still October, but I know Christmas will sneak up on me all too soon.  I’ve pulled 5 of my favourite Christmas Crafts from the archive that may help you in your Christmas preparations. These ideas can be used for playgroup, mother’s groups, Sunday school, school, gifts for teachers and friends or for a fun activity at home.  Expect more fresh Christmas craft ideas soon.

1. Christmas Candy Cane Reindeer

This is an easy craft to make and is a wonderful gift idea for teachers and friends. To read the tutorial, click here: Christmas Candy Cane Reindeer Craft.

christmas craft -- christmas candy cane reindeer

2. Christmas Plastic Cup Reindeer

Transform a plastic cup into a cute Christmas Reindeer that holds your choice of lollies, gifts or chocolates. Click here for instructions on how to make this craft: Christmas Plastic Cup Reindeer.

christmas craft -- plastic cup christmas reindeer

3. Christmas Plastic Cup Tree

Just like the reindeer, you can easily turn a plastic into a Christmas tree. Click here for the tutorial: Christmas Plastic Cup Craft.

christmas craft -- christmas tree plastic cup craft

 4. Christmas Paper Peace Dove

This is one of my favourite Christmas crafts. It’s easy to make and looks oh-so-elegant, especially if you hang a bunch of them from the ceiling. Perfect for decorating the Christmas table. You can click here for the free template: Christmas Peace Dove Template.

Christmas craft -- Christmas Peace Dove Decoration

5. Magazine Christmas Tree

This is something you can give as a gift, make in mini form for Christmas tree decoration or use as table decorations. I made it last year for KleenexMums fantastic ebook. You can still download it free here: Kleenex Mums Guide to Giving 2010.  You can also click here to read instructions on my post: Magazine Christmas Tree.

christmas craft -- Magazine christmas tree

If you would like to contribute a Christmas craft tutorial guest post for this blog, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

To see pictures of the entire range of Christmas Crafts on this blog, click here: Christmas Crafts.

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