Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree in a Jar

Christmas Tree in a Jar! It’s an adorable, and very easy craft to make. It can be used as a decoration, keepsake or given as a gift to friends and teachers.

We have a surplus of pine cones at the moment, so the kids and I are exploring all sorts of ways to use them. This is the cutest idea yet!

Christmas Tree in a Jar


Pine Cone

Empty Jar (I purchased the one shown from Crazy Clarks for $2.95)

Rocks/pebbles/cotton wool balls/grass/mini presents (or any other base you can think of)

Pom poms (or paint the tips of the pine cone white with paint, or even liquid pen corrector)

Craft Glue


1. Decorate the pine cone as desired. I used pom poms. There is no need to glue them as the pine cone prongs hold them in.

2. Glue the pine cone inside the jar to the bottom. (You may need to trim the bottom of the cone so it sits flat)

3. Place stones/cotton wool/mini presents or other base decorations around the bottom of the jar.

4. Allow the glue to dry with the lid off.

5. Once dry, place the lid on, tie a ribbon around the top (if desired) and display or give.


I currently, have our Christmas Tree in a Jar sitting in the centre of our table with 3 other jars filled with bits and bobs. I love the way it looks! Not bad for just over $12.

Christmas Tree in a Jar

christmas craft -- christmas tree in a jar

Christmas Craft

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