Handmade Christmas Decorations: Button Wreath

I’m on a Christmas craft spree at the moment. Here is another one of handmade Christmas decorations the kids and I made last weekend. Buttons make me happy!

handmade christmas tree decoration -- button wreath


6mm plastic curtain eyelets

(I bought these from Spotlight. They come in white, gold, silver and black)



Craft Glue

handmade christmas tree decorations


1. Put buttons in a large bowl or shoe box so it’s easy to pick out different colours.

2. Glue buttons around the flat part of the curtain eyelet

3. Tie a ribbon around the wreath to hang (as pictured)


  • Gift for friends
  • Craft for kids and adults
  • Gift for teachers
  • Gift for grandparents
  • Christmas tree decoration (a group of these look adorable together!)

handmade Christmas Decorations -- button wreath

handmade christmas tree decorations -- button wreath

handmade christmas tree decorations -- button wreath-1

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