Live Blogging: What the Viaduct Harbour Taught Me Today

Live Blogging: Viaduct Harbour, Auckland — 3:10 pm Brisbane time / 6:10pm Auckland time

In the air there is a smell of coffee and bacon mixed with oil and sea salt.  It’s a heady, complex and beautiful combination.


As I walked through the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland, three things struck me: the relationship between industry and people; the happy splashes of colour; and how the Viaduct works with its identity, rather than against it.  It’s a uniquely beautiful harbour, for these reasons.

The Viaduct has a very strong identity and if you look at the pictures below, you can see what I mean: shipping containers are sculptures; cement stacks look funky against the backdrop of blue sky; and buoys are a feature. My favourite are the ship-like funnels; I’m pictured in one at the end of the post. They act as seats, and when you sit inside, you feel like you are in a different world, far away, and there is no one else there, but you.  It’s easy to pretend you are a silent stowaway, watching the going-ons unseen, in an ocean bound ship. Magic.

I love the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland because it reminds me to work with what I have to create something beautiful, rather trying to be something I’m not.

Know who you are.

Embrace what you have.

Create something beautiful.

Give something back.

That is what The Viaduct Harbour taught me today.

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

viaduct auckland

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