Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

How to make a Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

Hey, hey! November is almost here, and it becomes less weird to do Christmas stuff, yes?  Well, I made a few adorable Christmas tree decorations using ribbon this week, to start off the festive season.  The idea was inspired by a sewing extraordinaire who blogs about many of her projects, but there were no instructions on how to make the ribbon Christmas trees (and I don’t sew).  They looked simple enough, and make wonderful teacher gifts, Christmas tree decorations, or simply to decorate the house.

Cute Christmas Decorations using ribbon


  • 8 – 15 Beads (largish)
  • 30 – 40 cm of ribbon (at least 1.5 cm wide)
  • Needle
  • Thread

Christmas Tree Decorations using ribbon - simple and cute


1. Cut a length of cotton and thread on a bead.  I used  a larger bead for the base.  Secure the bead using beading methods, or for not-so-crafty people like me, thread the cotton through the bead a few times and complete with a knot.

2. Start with about 6 cm of ribbon, and fold over.  Push the needle up through the centre.

3. Add a bead.

4. Fold the ribbon back, making it sit just a little in from the last layer.

5. Thread the needle in the centre.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you have a Christmas tree shape!  Finish off with a bead at the top, and secure it with a knot.

The Ribbon Christmas Tree decorations are fairly easy to make, once you get the hang of it.  I think my older girls (9 and 11) would be capable of making them.



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