Washi Tape Party Bags

Make cute party bags for the guests to take home with some goodies.  It’s easy to theme bags to match your party colour scheme.  

Washi Tape Party Bags



Small white (or other light coloured) bags

Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape (colours of choice)

Permanent Marker


Washi Tape Party Bags

1. Draw a line across the corner (wherever you would like the bunting to go) of the bags with permanent marker.

2. Cut triangles out of Washi Tape and stick underneath the line. One of the best ways to ensure the bunting flags are even is take a section of tape, angle in from the side to start your triangle shape off, and then continue along the section of tape. Two lines of bunting looks. Gorgeous.

Inside the Bags

Here’s a few themed ideas of what you can include in the bags. 

Party Craft: This is ideal for older kids: they can make little note books by decorating them with tape and then include this in the party bags to take home with a few other items like lollies, a balloon or other cute things.

Party Craft

Party Craft

party favour

Party Favour Bags

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