DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

I adore the look of bunting on a cake. It’s such a simple way to take a cake from looking nice to absolutely gorgeous!  This type of cake decoration is great for baby showers, kids birthday, teens and right up cakes for adults and general celebrations.

You can easily make cake bunting yourself with decorative Washi Tape and I’ll show you how.


2 x Kebab Sticks

Twine – half a metre

Washi Tape (colours of choice) – I used Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape



DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

1. Tie a piece of twine between two kebab sticks about 1-2 cm from the top. The sticks should be spaced just less than the circumference or length of the birthday cake. Trim off any excess twine from each side of the sticks, allowing for a little overhang.

2. Cut sections of Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape about 5cm in length.  This doesn’t need to be perfect because the tape will be trimmed.

3. Fold a section of tape in half over the twine, starting from the left side of the length of string. Continue this process until the string is filled with flags, keeping the tape evenly spaced about 1 cm apart.

4. Using scissors, trim the flags evenly at the bottom so all the flags are the same length in a squarish shape.

5. To make a triangle, use scissors to angle from the middle bottom of each flag, to the upper edge. Do the same to the other side to make a complete triangle.  I prefer a slightly square bottom on my flags so I started this process just off centre. Repeat with all the flags.

6. Optional: make an additional line of flags by repeating the above steps.

All that is left to do is pop your cake bunting on you cake and there you have it! Gorgeous! 

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

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