Goldfish in a Jar

Here’s a cute little project DIY project I did with my younger kids and they loved it. It’s so, so easy and cute. The mini aquarium/liquid-free-snow-globes are now sitting proudly in their rooms.


Paper Clip

Blu Tack

Jar (I used a plastic jar from a discount store)

Blue paper (or cellophane) 


Craft Glue

fish in a jar

1. Draw a simple fish (or shark, or mermaid or anything!).  Another idea is to search for a clip art picture and print it out. Cut it out.

2. Press a ball of blu tack on in the inside of the lid.

3. Cut up sections of blue paper (or cellophane and scrunch up into balls) and throw in the jar.

4. Bend the paper clip open and glue the fish on the top (smaller) loop section.

5. Press the paper clip into the blu tack.

6. Screw lid on.

Fun for

  • Party Favour
  • Party Craft
  • Sea themed party
  • Craft or activity
  • Room decoration
  • Gifts for friends
  • Sleepover

Fish in a jar

Mermaid aquarium

Shark aquarium


3D Scene in a Jar

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