African Animals: Toilet Roll Printable

Toilet Roll African Animals Printable

Last month, there were the Pirates in the toilet roll printable series, and this month, it’s African animals with cute baobab trees. It takes me back to a safari my daughters and I went on in Kruger National Park in South Africa and we saw all of these animals expect the lion! Amazing.

Kruger National Park - South Africa - Elephant

Kruger National Park - South Africa - Vervet Monkey

Kruger National Park - South Africa - Elephant

You can see more of the animals we spotted here.


  • 4-5 Empty Toilet Rolls
  • Printable (this is based on a 10cm long roll. If larger, it can be trimmed to size)
  • Drawing materials
  • Paper Glue

Print / Colour / Cut around guide lines / Glue to roll

Toilet Roll Craft - African Animals

African Animals Printable for toilet rolls



Toilet Roll Printable Pirate


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