Origami Ninja Stars

Origami Ninja Stars

My kids are into origami at the moment and I’ve been making a heap of ninja stars with them. They make a cute decorations (ceiling mobile or pop them on straws for cake decoration), and they are fun to play with: my kids flick the stars at targets like a frisbee (if you ask my son, there’s a particular technique involved). 

Ninja Stars are easy to make, and you need two identical square pieces of paper. I used origami paper, but regular paper works too. The only tricky thing is you need to work each piece of paper in mirror image so I find it best to do both parts of the star at the same time (I’ll show you in the video – sorry the lighting is not great in this one).

Origami Ninja Stars

Origami Ninja Stars

More Fun

Dress up and make a mask out of a T Shirt. Tutorial here.

How to make a Ninja Mask out of a T-Shirt - DIY Ninja Costume for Kids

More Simple Origami

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