Paddle Pop Stick Catapult

Paddle Pop (popsicle) Stick Catapult

I tend to do craft for the kids in batches, there was a time there where I did a heap of milk bottle craft with the kids. I collected them over a few weeks and we used them as much as we could think of (there’s a list of milk bottle crafts here). I had the rubber bands out for when we made a shoe box guitar, and next on our list was to make a catapult. It quick and easy to make and so much fun to play with. 


  • Four paddle pop (popsicle) sticks
  • Milk bottle/juice lid
  • 5 rubber bands
  • Craft glue
  • Paper (to scrunch up and fire)


I’ve colour coded the rubber bands in the pictures as a guide for where they need to go.

1. Take two paddle pop sticks and use a rubber band on each side to join. You can try this with 3 paddle pop sticks to give even more lift.

2. Take the remaining 2 paddle pop sticks and place one above and one below the 2 joined sticks to make an inverted cross.

3. Use two rubber bands to make a cross shape over join (see the video for a demonstration).

4. Squeeze the slight overhang of paddle pop sticks together and place one more rubber band down tightly to create a V shape when you turn it to the side.

5. Glue the lid on to the end of the top paddle pop stick. Tip: it’s best to leave this dry overnight because it can easily fall off when played with unless completely dry.

6. Scrunch up small pieces of paper into balls and place inside the lid. Hold the base paddle pop stick down (near the join) and then hold down the lid and release! After a few tries, the kids worked out how to get heaps of lift.

paddle pop stick catapult

Load with paper. And fire!

Paddle Pop Stick Catapult - load with scrunched up paper pieces

My kids printed out knight colouring pages from the internet (this one and this one) and set up two opposing sides. AND we did a slow mo video. Slow mo was MADE for this type of thing! 

Paddle Pop Stick Catapult

Paddle Pop Stick Catapult
Video Tutorial

Just saying: These could work with skittles. You’re welcome.

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