Dot Painting

Dot painting is simple and fun, and there are minimal items required. Keep them in your art cupboard and you can do this activity whenever boredom strikes. It is simple and best of all, doesn’t make too much mess.

You can get creative and spend hours designing gorgeous patterns. Small children can dot wherever they like and it is great for their fine motor skills. It is an activity that suits everyone and be as simple or as complicated as you like it to be.

Things you need

  • Paint
  • Cotton tips (or we call them ear cleaners)
  • Paper plates
  • Egg carton works well to separate paint

Painting activity for kids - dot painting

What to do

  1. Pour paint colours onto a plate or into an empty egg carton like I have used in the photos.
  1. Place your cotton tip into a colour and start your pattern. You could even lightly trace a shape and have your kids dot around the edge and inside the shape to make it easier for them.

Painting activity for kids - dot painting

  1. We experimented with colours and patterns and the kids enjoyed making up their own designs. I loved it too and got a little caught up with creating something special. It was also really nice to sit down and do an activity together. 

Painting activity for kids - dot painting

  1. Once you are finished, you can hang your paper plates or cut around the design for effect. This same process could be done on canvas board or other base materials.

Painting activity for kids - dot painting


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