A Sandpit Without Having a Sandpit

How to do sand play without a sandpit

My husband and I have had to move a lot since having children. When you live a nomadic-of-sorts life, it’s difficult to achieve certain things like a backyard sandpit or cubby house.  My son especially enjoys playing with sand and so I wanted to give him that experience without the big deal of doing a sandpit (even a shell sand pit is a pain when you often have to move, sometimes each year).

So…what I have done over the years is use a plastic underbed storage container to make a sandbox. The good thing is they come with a lid so you can leave it out on the patio somewhere covered so no pets get into it. I grab a bag of sand from somewhere like Bunnings, and then add anything we like to it. It usually lasts about a month (depending on what the kids use it for).  When using water, I leave it out in the sun for a bit, give it a bit of a debris clean and it’s good for another play session.

Start with

  • Underbed storage container
  • Play sand

sand play - make a sand box

Play ideas

  • Water dish (food coloured water can be fun)
  • Rocks
  • Cars
  • Small Toys
  • Twigs
  • Spoons & Plastic cups
  • Plastic figurines (these are brilliant!)
  • Shells
  • Pavers (to make roads)

Sand Play Ideas


Sometimes we do up a theme box, and below are three that we have done before.

Construction Sand Box

sand play - make a sand box

Desert Island Sand Box


Ocean Sand Box 

Ocean play scene

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