Easter Cupcake Case Baskets

Whenever I go into a homewares store (which is rare now I have kids) I often have a browse through the sales bucket and I always find pretty cupcake cases. I usually buy a pack or two to put in the back of the pantry so that I have cases ready to bake cupcakes for a Birthday or put snack foods in for a party. While I was rearranging my pantry, I thought about how I could utilize my extra stash of cupcake cases for Easter and came up with making Easter cupcake case baskets.  

Easter Cupcake Case Baskets


I used what I had sitting at home in the craft box to make this craft, but you can easily buy these materials from a discount store or craft store. The eggs and chocolate chicks were from Aldi.

Easter Cupcake Case Baskets

  • Cupcake Cases
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue Paper
  • Mini Chocolate Eggs
  • Chocolate Chicks
  • Easter Cupcake Case Basket


1. Use a single hole punch to punch a hole on each side of the cupcake case. To make it easier to punch the holes adjacent to each other, punch the seam first.

Easter Basket

2. Thread your ribbon through the first whole and knot it. Pipe cleaners work well too.

Easter Cucpake Case Basket

3. Loop the ribbon over the cupcake case and thread and knot the ribbon through the adjacent hole.

Easter Cupcake Case Basket

4. Cut up some tissue paper and scrunch it up in the base of the cupcake case.

Easter Cupcake Case Basket

5. Add your mini chocolate eggs and chicks to the basket.

Easter Cucpake Case Basket


  •  Easter Gift for classmates
  • Craft for Easter
  • Play
  • Table Place Settings
  • Easter Party Favour
Easter Cupcake Basket


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