Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Ring

Pipe cleaners are a great craft material for little kids to mould and bend into shape. My girls love these pipe cleaner butterfly rings, and best of all they are very quick to make.

how to make a pipe cleaner butterfly ring

These butterfly rings are great for:

  • Imaginary Play
  • Party Favours
  • Party Craft Activity
  • Dress Ups
  • Just for fun
  • School holiday activity
  • Valentine’s Day or Birthday gifts between friends


Pipe Cleaner x 3 (choose 3 different colours if possible)

pipe cleaner butterfly ring


1. Loop all 3 pipe cleaners around one of your fingers (or your child’s) to get their ring size

pipe cleaner butterfly ring

2. Twist all 3 pipe cleaners to make a ring

pipe cleaner butterfly ring

3. Keep the strands out to look like cats whiskers.

pipe cleaner butterfly ring

4. Choose which two colours will be the butterfly wings. Roll each end inward to form each wing.

butterfly pipe clenaer ring

5. Once the wings are formed, position the wings to create the shape of a butterfly.

pipe cleaner butterfly ring

6. Roll the two remaining pipe cleaners to be the antennas.

butterfly pipe cleaner ring

7. Once your butterfly is complete, bend the butterfly/ring part at 90 degrees so the butterfly sits against your finger when worn.

pipe cleaner butterfly ring

wearing pipe cleaner butterfly ring

You can also make butterfly bracelets by using the same instructions, but measure the pipe cleaners around your wrist instead of your finger.

butterfly pipe cleaner ring

This craft activity is great for fine motor skills. It’s best for kids 4 years and older, although my 18 month old loves to wear the ring on her finger.

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings


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