Pom Pom Caterpillars on Leaves

Pom Poms are a big trend in fashion and interiors this season. Despite their ascent on the trendy scale, I have always loved pom poms. I’m not sure if it’s because they remind me of my own childhood, or because they make me happy when all the bright colours are pooled together.

I had a bag of pom poms in the craft box and I was looking for ways to craft with them with my youngest girls. As you know the craft has to be easy for them to keep them stimulated and let’s be honest, kids will have their own imagination when you decide to give them an activity to do.

With the arrival of spring and with many brown leaves scattered on our travels during the walk to school and back, I decided we’d put those pom poms to good use and create some pom pom caterpillars on leaves.  They were a lot of fun to create and easy to for little hands to handle.

pom pom caterpillars on leaves craft

Fun for

  • Imaginative Play
  • Just for Fun
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Entertaining young minds
  • School Holiday activity


Pom Poms

Googly Eyes



pom pom caterpillars on leaves craft


  1. Grab your leaf and dab glue to the middle of the crease in the leaf.
  2. Add pom poms to the glue to create a caterpillar. Use 1 big pom pom for the head and three little pom poms for the body.
  3. Glue the googly eyes.
  4. Your caterpillar on a leaf is ready to be put on display.
pom pom caterpillars on leaves craft
pom pom caterpillars on leaves craft
pom pom caterpillars on leaves craft
glue on leaves
Of course, my three year old decided to do a deconstructed caterpillar with various body parts glued onto various leaves.
pom pom caterpillars on leaves craft
deconstructed caterpillar
While my three-year-old got heavy with the glue, I got creative making a mum and baby caterpillar.
pom pom caterpillar

pom pom caterpillars on leaves craft

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