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Mermaid Princess Party

More and more, parents are opting to hire performers for their children’s birthday parties, to save the time and stress of having to keep a gaggle of kids entertained for two hours. It also makes the party extra special for your child by having a special character visit for their birthday.

However, we’ve all heard the horror stories of dud performers that turn up late in regrettable costumes, forget to stay in character or fail to engage the children. That’s why recommendations are so valuable, to ensure your birthday boy or girl will have the best party possible, and you will feel like it was money well spent.

Recently, we had the opportunity to review the performers at Glitter Princess Parties in Brisbane. They provided a magical party package that was perfect for princess fans.

Glitter Princess party performers

Unlike any children’s party performers I’ve seen before, these princesses were the real deal – captivating storytellers, talented singers and theatrical actors. Their costumes were beautiful, and their ability to engage the children in a make-believe world of fairy tales was really special. We had the Snow Queen and Little Mermaid visit our party, but there is also the option of a Cinderella character. Below is a short snippet of the singing, and as you can see, they can REALLY sing – beautiful.

Snow Queen

Based on the Snow Queen from the Hans Christen Andersen fairy tale, this character played games with the kids, including musical freeze, gave a retelling of her wintry fairy tale and sang her signature song, encouraging the kids to join in. The Snow Queen wore a beautiful ice dress, with her hair in a platinum blonde French braid.

Princess Party Performers - brisbane

Princess Party Performers

Princess Party Performers

The Little Mermaid

A highlight of the party was undoubtedly the mermaid, complete with a real tail, who swam in our pool. Based on the Hans Christian Andersen character of the same name, The Little Mermaid retold her mermaid fairy tale, sang, danced and played bubble games with the kids. It is worth mentioning that for safety reasons, the mermaid cannot swim with other children in the pool.

Princess Party Performers

Princess Party Performers

Princess Party Performers

Glitter Princess party packages

There’s a number of packages to choose from, including one and two hour packages with different activity options. Our package included a princess themed makeover for the girls, including temporary tattoos, lip gloss, perfume, hair styling and nail painting.  This was the perfect way to wind the kids down after the dancing and games, before the princesses led the children in singing happy birthday to the birthday princess!

Princess Party Performers

Mermaid Party Cake - Crab

Mermaid Party Cake - Crab

Book a princess for your next party or event

If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, book online to secure a princess for your princess’s next birthday. The princesses are also available to perform at schools, play centres, corporate events, hospitals and shopping centres. All the performers are blue card qualified and experienced with children. For more information, visit the Glitter Princess Party Facebook page.


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