Childhood Storybook Inspired Brooches

Erstwilder’s Woodlands Creatures collection is here and it’s absolutely gorgeous! It will take you back to your childhood of reading Golden Books and enjoying fairytales. I’ve hit such a big nostalgic patch of late, and I find myself wanting to express that in different ways, from collecting retro toys and hunting down books I enjoyed as a child to share with my own children.  Below are some Golden Books I’ve recently added to our home library collection. My favourite was Snow Red and Rose Red; the illustrations are just so lovely!

Favourite Childhood Golden Books

When the Woodlands Collection launched, I immediately felt that sense of nostalgia. I’ll go into each piece in the collection further below, however below is a snapshot of how lovely the pieces are. They make such stunning statement pieces and are a sure way to lift an outfit. 

estwilder brooches - woodlands

If you haven’t heard of Erstwilder before, they are a fashion jewellery and accessory label based in Melbourne. Erstwilder specialise in unique, quirky brooches, necklaces and earrings inspired by all things vintage, rockabilly, pin-up, retro and Art Deco, as well as the love for animals, great and small.  Through the online store, they offer statement pieces all across Australia and around the world. 

If you love these pieces, you’ll need to be fast because there are only a limited amount available and this collection is flying out the door. Designs are produced from laser cut sheets of resin which are then hand assembled to create their signature depth and dimensionality.  Painting detail is also completed by hand.  Each Erstwilder design comes complete with a unique name and short story, inspired by classic tales and pop culture. They make for a wonderful gift too; each piece comes in a beautiful gift box and includes an insert card featuring the product sketch, name and story, placed inside the box lid. Take a look! 

I was gifted the Cabin in the Woods brooch, and I adore it. Take a look! The Cabin in the Woods brooch is already sold out, but there are other brooches available in the collection. 

Cabin in the Woods Brooch

Naveen the Romancer – okay girls, a show of hands. It’s high-risk, high-reward but you’d have to take the chance right? He is wearing a crown after all. $34.95

There’s No Place Like Gnome – I’ve been all around the world and I have the photos to prove it. But at the end of the day… well, you know the rest. $34.95

Spark the Owl – once again, the powers of the forest open up the mind. Seek deep inside, tell me what you find. $44.95

Little Red-Breast – rockin’ in them tree-tops all night long. Rumour has it she out-bopped a buzzard and an oriole! We think that’s impressive. $34.95

Masked Trickster – don’t mind me, I’m just here to take out the garbage. Don’t let the bandit mask fool you, I’m simply a community-minded citizen. $34.95

Young Archimedes – wisdom comes with age. Young Archimedes’ contention is that there must be a different base level of wisdom for different birds. $34.95

King of our Forest – how can a leaf be King you may ask? Well, have you tried Maple Syrup? We have it for breakfast, lunch and tea. Too much? $34.95

Mr Fantastic – cunning as he is, Mr. Fox here is yet to find a way to upgrade his accommodation from ‘hole-dweller’ to something more aspiring. $34.95

Kind-Hearted Keresh – no woodland creature can equal the beauty of the graceful Keresh. Seriously. Not even a baby squirrel wearing a top-hat. $34.95

Tom’s Tormentor – terrible tabbies and other assailants are no match for me and my superior wits. It’s not the size of the mouse in the fight, it’s the… $34.95

Jack Lumber – humber, as in processed wood. Jack, as in our pal Jack. Say hi to the friendly Erstwildians Jack. Maybe put the axe down first. $34.95

The Funny Bunny – how do you know carrots are good for your eyes? Well, have you ever seen a rabbit with a seeing-eye dog? $34.95

Cabin in the Woods – if you go into the woods today…Well, you could do a lot worse than stay at this quaint log-cabin. Inquire within. $34.95

Forest Fun Guy – what kind of room has no doors and no windows? We don’t know either but it doesn’t sound like a very fun room! $34.95

A Fairy Wish – we wonder what a fairy would wish for? If in fact a fairy wanted to wish for anything. They seem to be a pretty content bunch. $34.95

Bear with Me – me: I’m going to get dressed-up in my fanciest hat and tie for a night out. Also me: But I’m so very comfy right here. $34.95

Fallen Acorns – note to the wearer: these darling drops carry with them the unfortunate ability to entice the local population of squirrels. $34.95

Aren’t they super lovely? My favourites: Cabin in the Woods, Forest Fun Guy (toad stools), Keresh Deer & Bear With Me.

Head over to Erstwilder for more information about the Woodlands Collection.


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