A Bit Fancy Toast Topping Ideas

A bit fancy - Toast Topping Ideas

Toast is such a simple, comforting and convenient snack food, and can even form the base of an easy and tasty meal. We’re not talking about humble vegemite on toast (although it will always be an Aussie favourite!), we’re talking about healthy and delicious toast topper ideas that are perfect for busy mums and their families. We can guarantee that you’ll never get bored of toast with these toast topper ideas…

Antipasto toast – top with sundried tomato pesto, marinated artichoke, char-grilled capsicum, grated cheese and grill.

Vegemite combo toast – try adding cheese or avocado to your vegemite toast. This also works well for promite, marmite and other yeast extract spreads.

Cinnamon toast – butter toast, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and grill lightly. A sweet treat.

Mexican toast – spread with salsa and refried beans (optional), avocado and cheese. Grill until cheese melts.

Avocado toast – avocado on its own is delicious, especially with a liberal sprinkling of salt and pepper. Or try it paired with feta cheese, tomato slices or top with baby spinach and a poached egg.

Fruit toast – raison toast or fruit toast is yummy with butter alone, but even better with peanut butter. Fruit toast topped with thinly sliced pear, sprinkled with a little brown sugar and grilled, is also a winning combination.

Baked beans on toast – tinned baked beans with grated cheese makes an easy meal, or you can even make your own baked beans using cannellini beans.

Nutella toast – it’s hard to say no to Nutella on toast (or any hazelnut spread), and you can make it even more decadent by adding peanut butter, or fresh berries.

Smoked salmon toast – spread your toast with Philadelphia cream cheese, before adding smoked salmon, cucumber and a sprinkling of finely-chopped, fresh dill. It’s positively gourmet!

Lemon butter toast – lemon butter (or lemon curd) on toast always goes down well with a cup of tea. If you want to be even more indulgent, enjoy your lemon butter on a fresh croissant.

Cheese melt toast – grilled cheese on toast is an old favourite, and you can always add ham, tomato and even onion, to make it more filling. Or try cream cheese and tomato for something different.

French toast – check out our easy recipe for French toast. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend. Serve with a side of yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Creamed corn toast – creamed corn (from a tin or homemade in a food processor) is a surprisingly tasty topping for toast.

Jam plus toast – jam plus cream cheese, jam plus a thin slice of Swiss cheese, jam plus peanut butter or even jam plus plain old butter are fun combinations!

Bruschetta toast – rub the toast with fresh garlic, add chopped tomato and basil, then add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

Honey toast – honey and butter on toast is one of life’s simple pleasures. You can also try adding ricotta cheese, peanut butter or sliced banana.

Hummus toast – hummus is a smooth and creamy spread, but you can add some crunch by sprinkling it with nuts, seeds or dukkha. Yum.

A bit fancy - Toast Topping Ideas


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