I Got the Best Wallet for My Birthday

When I saw my cousin last year, I noticed the purse/bag she was carrying and asked her about it. You see, increasingly I find myself only carrying my purse, keys and phone with me when I do errands (rather than taking my handbag). That means, I’m often juggling my keys in my pocket and holding my purse and phone in my hand. The purse has a dedicated and roomy section for a phone at the front, and then the option to attach a strap so it becomes a small bag.  

When my husband asked me what I wanted for a birthday gift, I said this wallet.  The brand is The Sak and I purchased the brown/black one on special from Myer. It’s called The Smartphone Wallet and it comes in both leather and synthetic options. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and the wallet is just working for me! You know when you get something, and it just fits into your life just the way you need it to? That. I love it.

The Sak Smartphone Wallet

I can fit my keys inside (car key plus house key).  

The Sak Phone Wallet

This section is where the phone fits, and there is a button to make sure it doesn’t fall out.

The Sak Phone Wallet

Inside there are two sides for cards, a middle section for coins, and also behind each card deck, there’s another pocket that is perfect for receipts on each side. 

The Sak Phone Wallet

The Sak Phone Wallet

You can use it just as a wallet (it’s regular wallet size), however I mostly use it as a bag with the straps. Inside the wallet, I can fit a folded reusable bag too which comes in handy.

The Sak Phone Wallet

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