Easter Fairy Bread Using Cookie Cutters

One of my favourite childhood party foods was fairy bread. It still is when I take my own kids to parties and I peruse the food table. Often I will sneak to the kids food table for a bit of fairy bread if it’s on offer. The mix of sweet and savoury is delicious.

And that memory inspired this food idea.

Easter is the first of many events in the year where “bring a plate” morning teas are celebrated. I’m always thinking of easy ways to have fun with food and also provide something the kids will eat. I have no doubt this plate of fairy bread goodness will do down a treat. 

Easter Fairy Bread Using Cookie Cutters


  • Bread of your choice – I always use white and the toast size as the thicker slices make the fairy bread hold their shape.
  •  Softened Butter (easy for spreading)
  •  Block colour sprinkles (These Dollar&5’s were in the baking aisle at Woolies in a pack)
  • Cookie Cutters – If you have a Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter, turn it upside down to create carrots, if you have an round egg, you can squish it to make an egg shape.

Easter Fairy Bread Ingredients

How To

I don’t think you need a tutorial on how to make Easter Fairy Bread as the images are fairly self-explanatory. However, I will give some tips on getting the shapes. 

  1. Butter your bread first.

Easter Fairy Bread

Place the cookie cutter down and use a sharp knife to cut around the cutter to give a firm shape.

easter fairy bread tips

Sprinkle the coloured hundreds and thousands with the cookie cutter still around the bread. This will ensure the sprinkles don’t go everywhere and they reach all parts of the bread. 

Carrot Easter Fairy Bread

And that’s it!

easter fairy bread

I have a bunny shape and egg shape that I used too. These were put on the side. 

easter fairy bread

Easter Fairy Bread Recipe

Best of all the plate looks pretty when on display!

easter fairy bread

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