LEGO Table and Storage Ideas

Like most family households with primary school aged children, we are overflowing with LEGO.

We have Disney LEGO, Minecraft LEGO, LEGO Friends and even Star Wars LEGO (but this is mainly my husband’s collection).

When you start buying LEGO for your family, there are a few considerations to make which will help you decide on where it’s stored and how it’s played with.

  1. Will you keep all the individual sets together?
  2. Where will you store the ‘how-to-build’ manuals?
  3. Where will your kids store their LEGO?
  4. Where will the kids play with their LEGO?
  5. Will you dismantle or keep sets on display?

So many questions… and maybe you’ve never thought about it… until you’re at your wits end with LEGO from one side of your lounge room to the other.

We originally had an IKEA bookcase, where we displayed sets once made and kept spare pieces in boxes. It was messy and felt like a disjointed organisation system.

I went on Pinterest to get some LEGO Storage ideas.

I loved this table with cut out trays to keep LEGO pieces on hand for building by A little bit of this, A little bit of that.

LEGO Table with storage

This designated area by The Handman’s Daughter is bright and allows for all the siblings to build together.

DIY LEGO Table with storage

I also thought this cube coffee table idea was great for wheeling away into the corner when not in use. This idea was by The Decorated Cookie.

The Decorated Cookie IKEA Lego table hack

The coffee table used in the image above is no longer available, but you can use the IKEA TINGBY side table instead.

IKEA TINGBY side table for LEgo

If you’re not very handy, Kmart has brought out a construction storage table for $79. While not branded LEGO, the base plates will work with LEGO pieces.

KMART Construction Table

DIY LEGO Coffee Table with Storage

With all the inspiration above, we made our own LEGO Coffee Table with storage.

The Plumbette LEGO Coffee Table

What we used

The aim of the coffee table was to allow for play for all the siblings.

At Christmas, we received a number of LEGO Friends Heartlake City Amusement Pier. We had different sets which included games and a separate rollercoaster.

DIY LEGO Coffee Table

The coffee table set up allowed for us to create a LEGO theme park.

close up of LEGO Coffee Table

The divided storage containers hold spare LEGO pieces, separated into colours. We used another container to hold all the manuals.

storage container for LEGO

It’s a great attraction when we have kids come over, and it solved a few of the sore points I’ve had with owning so much LEGO.

LEGO Coffee Table

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Easy lego storage ideas -- hack

Other LEGO Storage Ideas

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