DIY Gym Space at Home

With all the disruptions to the routine of our family lives, I’ve been looking for ways to create spaces in and around our home to support the continuance of our routines as much as possible during phases when we need to be at home.

We already set up a space on the back patio for my daughter to practice dance. My other daughters, myself and my husband all enjoy going to the gym regularly. Many gyms and exercise studios are offering streaming services, plus there are heaps of free work-out videos online, and I have found that you really don’t need much gear to do a good work out. It’s more important to have a dedicated space to do it in so it’s achievable.

I purchased some rubber mats from Kmart that turn the space into an exercise space (they come in black and multi-color). You can also get similar mats from Bunnings and many different places.

make a space for a home gym


In terms of gear, it’s all very simple.

  • Mat
  • Dumbells
  • Foam roller
  • Trigger balls
  • Skipping rope
  • Resistance bands
  • Exercise cubes ($4 from Kmart and you roll the dice and they have different exercises to do)

That’s all we have in the way of equipment. However because we have been. using devices to stream classes, I needed a place to put the computer. I found these perfect metal tray tables at Kmart (comes with two, one a little larger and the smaller one fits underneath).

how to make a gym space at home

They are so handy because they have the tray at the top with sides. This holds our basic equipment but it is also ideal to put the computer on.

simple home gym
how to make a gym space at home

In Use

So when it comes time to use the space for pilates, I just roll out my mat, put the computer on the table and off I go.

how to make a gym space at home
how to make a gym space at home

The mats are so light and easy to move which makes it possible for this to be a dual space that works well during this time when we need to continue our activity and fitness routines at home.

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