Pink-Themed Easter Platter

I love a good platter! You can find my general guide to making a good platter here. I have made Easter-themed platters before. However this time I was brainstorming on how to make it a bit different this year. Easter time brings out the pastels, and I thought it would be fun to do a board focused just on pink food. 

 My daughter and I had a fun time walking down the grocery aisles looking for pink-themed food and treats, including fruit and cheese too. Think pink lady apples, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon and even grapes. Pink cupcakes, red velvet cake, raspberry bullets, pink lamingtons, red velvet Oreos, cranberry cheese and beetroot dip. Turns out there are heaps of fun pink-ish food out there!

Tips for Putting the Platter Together

When putting a board together, I find it helpful to start with one feature product on the board and build around that. This time, we used a mini red velvet cake and a cake topper. Don’t think you always have to put it in the center either.  My daughters and I put the cake off to one side and then the other feature for this board was the cheese bunny. You can find out more about how to put this together in this post

Essentially just use a round cheese (like a brie or camembert) and use half a prune for the eyes, dried apricot (or I used a raspberry this time) for the nose, rosemary sprigs for the whiskers and pink lady apple for the ears. Such an easy way to present cheese and the flavours go well too (for example, brie & pink lady apple or prune and camembert). 

Once we had those two elements on the board, we started adding the hot cross buns and other bigger cake items. Then moved to the smaller items like biscuits and fruit. The last thing is to fill all the little holes with lollies, eggs and we used blueberries in this way too. 

We were SO happy with how it turned out! Just gorgeous! And it was also such a fun project for my daughters and I to do together. 

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