DIY Noodle Bowl Family Dinner

Now my kids are teens, I often look for easy family sharing dinners. This way, everyone can build their own meals. Recently, I make up the ingredients for noodle bowls and it was a hit. The great thing about this, is you can provide whatever food your family likes.

For this particular meal, I went with meatless meatballs as the key protein, and then cooked up some vermicelli noodles, and provided a range of salad/veggies. But this could work with any type of combos, chicken, beef, egg, tofu, pork etc. I set it up in trays and everyone helped themselves.

I find it useful to have food in in the following categories

  • Main protein – meat or other
  • Main base – noodles or other
  • Vegetables/salad
  • Crunch – a crunch element is nice for the top, for example fried shallots, friend noodles, nuts or in this case, we did crunchy broad beans.
  • Sauce – a variety of sauces to choose from, e.g. soy, mayonnaise

Below are some of the combos the family made. This will absolutely be on the menu again.

You can also do this with rice instead of noodles. Rebecca from The Plumbette recently shared a similar concept with Mongolian lamb from Woolies and adding whatever veggies she had in the fridge.


Easy Family Dinner Ideas

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