Be A Fun Mum Inspiration

mumThis site was inspired by my Mother, the most beautiful FunMum and FunGrandmother.  She passed away in 2006, aged 51 years, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.  Since her death I’ve never been the same; like a piece of me died with her.  My perspective on life has changed; this world is so temperal.  In my minds eye, I see myself dying at the age my Mother did.  In this repect, I hope to keep a record of Mothering for my children (and future grandchildren) so I can be with them and help them in a way, even when I’m in Glory.  Thank you, my Mother, for all you taught me.  I love you forever.

I’ll never forget the excruciating pain in my heart knowing I would never see my Mum again in this life.  I’ll never forget the last time she held me.

But I remember. Much of what’s written in Be A Fun Mum is what my Mother taught me, through her example, her passion for life, her love for God, her words and love. And yet, she lives on.

What you mean to me

by Kelly Burstow


Because of you I have life,

And understand the mystery of existence and God entwined.

But more you give to me, your child,

Your example of love, your strength, your forte of mind.

In times of hardship you stand true and smile.

Faith in God endures, strong and refined.

I honour you, I admire you, I thank you, I am beguiled.

This is what you mean to me.


I rise up and call you blessed,

My mentor, my mother, my friend everyday.

I can see the beautiful answer to prayer,

Of your faithful years of living the Way.

God’s promise is true I declare,

You have given such a Godly heritage and I pray,

The same for those in my care.

This is what you mean to me.


Mother of my heart, I honour you now.

You love my husband like a son,

And my children in the most beautiful way.

Their hearts you won.

We will miss you more than I can say.

You will never be outdone,

But are in our hearts to stay.

This is what you mean to me.


I love you forever.

Nothing can separate this bond.

No distance can divide this love.

Not anything can mar our friendship.

Nought hardship, troubles or death.

In a word or in a line I cannot tell.

In a whisper or a glance I cannot say.

In a hug or in a kiss I cannot proclaim.

In a letter or in a card I cannot write.

What you mean to me.


All I can do is give glory to God on high,

And promise to follow Him forever.

To always do right, to love mercy sublime,

To live humbly for Our God ever and ever,

To diligently read His word and pray all through time.

This promise will, I endeavour,

Be more treasured than a speech or rhyme.

My mother, you will always be, you mean everything to me.