Ten Random Things About Me

daisy flowers white
1. My signature is inspired by street art and I designed it in Year 10 Science class. That’s probably the most rebellious thing I did at school, the good-two-shoes that I am.  I figured that something I was going to write for the rest of my life better look good! I love my signature to this day.

2. My favourite flower is a daisy.  I love the simple beauty of it.

3. Biggest domestic taboo is leaving water in the sink — especially if the cloth is left in there as well. Not. Happy. Jan.

4. I’m a writer who can’t spell. Always struggled with spelling, even at school…thank goodness for spell-check!

5.  I don’t like hot chocolate but I LOVE good coffee. Skinny flat white with no sugar please.

6. Little luxuries: tea in a pretty cup, fresh bread and movies in bed.

7. I was attacked by a group of native men whilst I was living in Papua New Guinea aged 9 and escaped unscathed.

8. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a child.

9. It took me ten years of marriage to work out that I’m not a very good housewife.  I think my husband worked it out much earlier.

10.  I have a weakness for good quality licorice bullets.  I don’t like Jaffers.