This is how I roll…

What’s a Sponsored Post?

I occasionally write sponsored posts on this blog. This means I’m paid (or compensated) to write a post about a particular subject or product. What usually happens is the client gives me an outline, and I write around that to suit myself and my blog content.  The main reason I accept sponsored posts to cover the costs of hosting this website, and sometimes because I have something special I want to do with my family. I accept posts which are relevant to my blog and I write how I like.   If I am paid to write a blog post, I will tell my readers at the beginning of the post.

I’ve categorised sponsored posts in levels.

S1 Post

When I am paid for writing and making creative content. 

S2 Post

When I obtain a product to giveaway and receive no compensation for myself. Usually this sort of post is a giveaway I have pulled together for my readers, and the client will provide the prizes.

Examples of S1 sponsored posts:

Howards Storage World – Playroom Makeover

I love Howards Storage World and we worked together to create a post about playroom storage options and ideas.

BIG W – Christmas Table Decoration ideas

I had a BALL creating posts for BIG W at Christmastime.


I’m not paid to run giveaways (unless it’s with a sponsored post). What I like to do is weave the product into a interesting and relevant post. The client provides the giveaway product or service.

Here’s an example:

5 Ways to Make Lunch Fun

I absolutely adore Lunch Boxes With Love products, so when Cath approached me with a giveaway opportunity, I was excited because I knew my readers would love the products too. The post is helpful, not purely a review, and the giveaway opportunity was a lot of fun.

Review Posts

I’ve come to enjoy writing review posts of fabulous products I come across.  Sometimes the reviews are of products I’ve purchased and sometimes I review products I’m interested in and receive the product to review (in this case, I will write a disclaimer at the base of the post).  I don’t charge for reviews but I do offer brands the option of a paid banner add to run/social media support with my review.  I review products thoroughly, including adding any noted pros and cons.  Below are some examples of review posts on Be A Fun Mum.

Bento Laptop Lunch Box

Contigo Drink Bottles

Lottie Dolls


Email address are required for giveaways as a method of contact.  Your email will not be used for spam or sold to a third party.

Product References

I’m transparent when it comes to what I’ve been paid for on my blog.  I sometimes write about products unofficially because it’s someting I love and want to share.

Here’s an eample:

Storing Children’s Artwork

This post is filled with references to great products you can use to store children’s art work. None of the links were paid for (or I would have disclosed it). It’s a topic I wanted to write about so I researched the products myself.

Guest Posts

Guest posters bring  texture, variety and personality to the blog.  I don’t pay for guest posters but they receive a link back to their blog or website.  Often, guest posts result from everyday conversations I have with other bloggers and contacts.  If you would like to feature on this blog, you can contact me with your idea. I also write guest posts for other blogs and you can read them here.

Here’s an example

5 Assessories Every Mum Should Have

Andrea, from Fox in Flats and I were chatting about mums and fashion when we met at the Aussie Bloggers Conference. Later in an email conversations, I invited her to guest post on my blog about one of my category topics.


Sometimes opportunities come my way that I want to grab hold of for a host of different reason.  I don’t always blog about these opportunites, but if I do, I’m always looking for that angle so it makes great content for my readers and fits into what Be A Fun Mum is all about.

Here’s an example:

A conversation with George Calombaris

I was invited to a Morning Fresh luncheon with George Calombaris.   I use Morning Fresh at home this luncheon sounded like a fun event.  I was not asked to write a post but I wanted to share the fabulous time and the inspiring conversation I had with George.

That’s how I work

This is how I work on this blog. 90% is just me writing my little heart out — and that’s how I like it.