Story Friday: Wordless

While reading a children’s book, do you pause to ask your child their opinion on what the character is feeling?  Are they sad or happy?  Surprised or frightened? Angry or confused? 

Do you ever allow your child to interpret the pictures into a story? A wordless story is a wonderful way to introduce story telling and empathy to your child, as well as a way to encourage them to interpret the world around them. 




Please feel free to print the illustrations.  Just click here for the PDF file.

Allow your child to tell you this story. Here are some questions you may like to ask:

* What do you think is happening?

* How is the boy feeling?

* Is the boy inside or outside?

* What is his name?

* What is the boy doing?

* What do you think is going to happen next?

* Is the boy far or near?

* Is the boy sitting or standing?

* Is the boy sad? (try this when the boy is looking happy)

* Is the boy happy? (try asking this when the boy is looking sad)

* Is the boy walking quickly or slowly?

For more great tips on reading to children and current book reviews visit The Book Chook.  I’m a huge fan.

My four-year-old’s interpretation:

Image 1: He’s walking. / Image 2: He’s at some stairs.  What is he doing?

Image 3: *laughs* He’s running down the stairs. / Image 4: He’s thinking about telling the truth.

Image 5: He’s thinking about his attitude. / Image 6: He is putting his money on the ground.

Image 7: *laughs* He’s surprised. / Image 8: He’s holding some monies.

Image 9: He’s walking slowly. / Image 10: He wants to buy a lollipop.

Image 11: *giggles* He’s a pirate.


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