The B Team

What about the A team I hear you ask? Well, if your surname is Armstrong, Agnew or Anderson, you would belong to the A Team.  But us Burstows, we’re the B Team. This is a concept our family has had a lot of fun with. It’s nice to belong, isn’t it? I’ve worked hard to instil team spirit in our family.  It’s not just me and it’s not just them, instead, we are all in this together – we’re a team.  Our jobs and responsibilities are different but, like a body, each part is important and necessary.

Some examples when The B Team comes into play in our family:

  • When the children and I waited in the car for an extended period, while Dad went to see the financial adviser. We were tired of waiting but I explained to the children that Dad needed to do this for our family and our job was to wait patiently.  By giving the waiting a purpose, it can be seen as an achievement rather than an inconvenience. (The appointment was on our way home from holidays).
  • Mass clean-up.  When we’ve been busy and the house is a mess we do ‘TEAM BURSTOW!’ It’s a lot of fun when we all pitch in and cheer each other on.  ‘GO TEAM BURSTOW!’
  • General Housework.  Housework is not always fun but is necessary for the running of a household. I’m teaching my children that it is ALL our responsibility to do housework as we ALL live in the house (it’s not just up to Mummy).  It’s part of being a team.
  • Fun times. We go on holidays together, we have pancakes together, we support one another, we love each other. Oh yes, it’s wonderful to be part of a team.

Create a team spirit in your family. Make a place where everyone wants to belong.


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