Be A Fun Mum Cards: Imagine . Inspire . Enjoy

I’m pleased to introduce the Be A Fun Mum Cards: Imagine . Inspire . Enjoy.

My daughters and I brainstormed fun activities and positive rewards, and the end result is the Be A Fun Mum Cards.

How to use the Be A Fun Mum Cards

1. Print, laminate, cut and place in a Glad Bag.  Keep the cards in your handbag for positive rewards; like an IOU.

2. Use as a Lucky Dip to determine what to do.

3. Use as a reward for a child to work towards.

4. Use as flash cards to facilitate word learning.

5. Give as a birthday gift.

6. Make a story sequence (great for times a child has to wait).

7. Print mutiple copies and play the memory game or snap.

I’ve created six pages of fun things to do.  Contact me if you have other ideas to include and I’ll add them to the document. Click on the first page below to access all six pages via PDF file.

How NOT to use the Be A Fun Mum Cards

1. As constant bribery. I believe children (and adults) should learn to do things because it’s right, not merely to recieve a reward. I mostly reward my children when they least expect it; that is, when it’s obvious their attitude is right. Bribery is okay; I do it myself. Bribery was one of the many things I said I would never do when I became a Mother but that went right out the window with the first child; however, constant bribery is not a good idea.

2. Not following through on a IOU promise.

Imagine . Inspire . Enjoy


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