Theme It: Dr Seuss

Obviously, I’m not the only one who loves the writing and art of Dr Seuss.  Look at all this cool stuff I’ve found!  Oh! The Places You’ll Go! From shoes to wall stickers; from rare books to a big striped hat; come into the world of Dr Seuss.

Quirky . Fun . Imaginative . Intriguing . Mysterious . Silly . Meaningful

1. Dr Seuss Converse  Shoes (from $35) 2. The Cat In The Hat I Can Do That Game $34

3. Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Plush Hat $21  4. Lift the Flap Pocket Library $8.95

5.Cat in the Hat Gift Box (T Shirt & Bib) $45.95 6. One Fish, Two Fish Gift Box (T-Shirt & Bib) $45.95

7. Dr Seuss Jumbo Wall Stickers $23.95 

8. Cat in a Hat Craft ( PDF) FREE 9. Horton Hears A Who Plush Elephant $35.99

10. Rare First Edition Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss $9,000 11. Scarce Edition of McElligot’s Pool by Dr Seuss $3,200

12. One Thing, Two Thing Twins Gift Set $69 13. The Secret Art of Dr Seuss $23.10

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