Father’s Day Craft: The Best Dad for Me!

Father’s Day is celebrated at different times around the world.  I never knew that until today. The idea for creating a day for children to honour their fathers began with a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonora adored her father and, while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909, she felt Fatherhood should be recognised also.  Through her influence, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance decided to hold the first Father’s Day celebration on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.  Father’s Day all started with a woman.   Why am I not surprised.

Australia: Sunday 5 September 2010

Belgium: Sunday 14 June 2010

Brazil: Sunday 9 August 2010

Spain: Wednesday 18 March 2010

Sweden: Sunday 8 November 2010

Thailand: Sunday 5 December 2010

United States of America: Sunday 20 June 2010

Father’s Day Paper Craft Card

My children are making this Father’s Day Card for their Dad.  I’ve included a free PDF print out if you would like to do it also.

Sticky tape
Father’s Day Craft Template (click to print)




1. Colour all paper doll men on page 1

2. Cut around dotted lines on page 1  (you will have 2 pieces)

3.  Pinch line on page 2 between fingers

4. Cut both lines on page 2 

5. Tape paper doll men together

6. Thread paper doll men through slots on page 2

7. Tape the end of the paper doll men to form a circle

8. Taple single paper doll man on the indicated section on page 3

9. Fold page 2 in the middle with the words on the outside

10. Fold page 3 with the words on the inside

11. Insert page 3 into page 2

12. Tape pages together on the top, bottom and side (allowing room for the paper doll to slide through)

13. Card complete #one

14. Card complete #two

15. Card complete #three

How it works



Other Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Paddle Pop Sitck Note Pad Holder

Rock Paper Weight

Pen Holder Photo 

Painted Frame

Decoupage Pot

Hand Print Canvas

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