Christmas Craft: Plastic Cup Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Cup

It’s a joyous thing to watch my children open presents.  Children love receiving gifts don’t they? They love giving presents too.  My children are excited to give gifts to friends and teachers, and to those who have very little this holiday season.  Last week, I featured the Christmas Plastic Cup Reindeer Craft to give to friends.  You can also use a plastic cup to make a Christmas tree.

Plastic Cup Christmas Tree

Plastic Cup Christmas Tree craft


Clear plastic cup

Lollies (wrapped)


Pom poms

Styrofoam star shape

Clear craft clue

Sticky tape


  1. Using the rim of the cup as a template, trace a circle on to card-stock
  2. Cut out circle
  3. Fill cup with lollies and seal with circle template
  4. Glue pom poms and star decoration on tree
  5. Write the name of the person the gift is for on the base
  6. Give


Christmas Food

Christmas Craft

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