Creative Kids: Drawing Out and About

At our house, drawing is not always done sitting at a table. My kids draw everywhere and on any available material (insert common sense here).   Below are examples of some of the surfaces my kids draw on when we are out and about.

Creative Kids drawing on different materials

My kids love to express themselves creatively through drawing and it’s become an activity that is a natural part of our family life.   I love that!  I recently invested in a storage box clipboard for each of my children. Talk about fabulous.  Inside the box, I keep paper and pens; it’s easy to grab, anytime, and everything is secured inside. Specialist stationery stores sell these storage clipboards. I found mine at Officeworks.

Creative Kids: Drawing

Where to take it?

* Holidays

* Long car trips

* Grandparent’s house

* Nature walks

* The wait before appointments

* Anywhere really

Some activities to do

Nature Walk

Go on a nature hunt and draw plants, insects, landscapes or animals.

My daughter was rather fascinated by this bug… but was it one bug or two? Ahem…creative kids: drawing -- nauture study

Car Count

Look for different kinds of cars and keep a tally.  Categorise cars relevant to age, for example, a 4 year old might look for blue cars and a 9 year old may look for Fords. Great idea for long car trips.

Naughts and Crosses

Read how to play here: How to Play Naughts and Crosses

Leaf Trace

Place a leaf under the paper and rub the side of the pencil on the paper to reveal a pattern.

Craft/Activity Station

There is quite a bit of room inside the box.  Enough to fit stickers, an eraser, an activity book, scissors and even some small craft items.

Using this kind of clipboard is a perfect way to take drawing with you everywhere. Do your kids like to draw?

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