Easter Games & Activities

Below area a few fun games you can play with kids at Easter time.

5 Easter Game Ideas

1. Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is always a hit with kids.

I fill empty plastic eggs with chocolate eggs and a trinket.  This way chocolate eggs don’t get lost.  You can give each child a small basket or bag to collect their winnings.

You can also just hide chocolate eggs around the yard and hope they find them before the ants do!

easter egg hunt

2. Egg and Spoon Race

Give each child a boiled egg and spoon. The idea is to get to the finish line without dropping the egg off the spoon. Plastic eggs work too!

Easter Games: egg and spoon race

3. Easter Story

I’m telling my children the Easter story in 12 parts in the lead up to Easter. My kids love opening our homemade eggs everyday and reading the daily story in the Easter Advent Calendar printout.

{Easter Advent Calendar}

Easter Advent Calendar

4. Chicks in a Pond

Make a clutch of chicks using an egg carton, draw a pond on a piece of paper and play! For instructions on how to make the chicks, click here: Egg Carton Chicks

Easter Play -- Chicks in a pond


5. Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

This is a brilliant game for kids! To find out how to play, click here.

Easter Activities -- glow in the dark easter eggs

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