5 Games to Play with Babies: 0-6 Months of Age

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I’m welcoming Linda to the blog today. She’s sharing 5 games to play with babies.

5 Games to Play with Babies from 0-6 Months of Age

One of the most important activities in the life of very young children is playing.  In the different stages of childhood, children need different kinds of stimulations, and the level of stimulation is also different. We might say that there are two main stages of the early childhood: 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

At this stage, it isn’t as important what you play with the little one, but when you play. Choose a time when the baby is relaxed and alert. Watch for signs of social and non-social time, because babies move from one to the other quickly. Look for signs of fussyness and tiredness and avoid playing then.

1. Quality time together

newborn baby

In the first stage (0-3 months), it isn’t worth buying expensive toys for babies. However, there is a simple and wonderful toy for them: mum and dad. The most interesting thing for babies is the sight and the voice of their parents.

So spend as much time as possible with your baby. Other toys to look out for should have clear and bold patterns and colors.

2. Be the clown

Dad playing with baby

Making faces is a fun way to play; try making a surprised face or stick your tongue out. You will know if it’s the right time to play when the baby watches intently.

3. Let’s make some noise

Baby looking at mum

Make different sounds: sing something, clap your hands or do anything that catches his or her attention. If the baby gets irritated, play something else, or stop and wait until later.

4. Talk about it

Baby and Dad

In the next stage (3-6 months) playing becomes more interactive. The little one will start communicating with you and will be able to hold things.  Talk with your baby about everything you are doing as you go throughout your day . They love the sound of your voice.

5. Exploring the world: Mirror Play

Baby playing in the mirror

Playing with a baby means you are showing the baby the world. One of the things babies love is looking in the mirror, although at this stage, they don’t really understand what is happening.

What baby games have you discovered?

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    So true to keep it simple with this age group. They really don’t need much at all – attention from mum and dad is really the best gift you can give them.

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