Custom Silver Jewellery: Imprecious

imprecious personalised stampted silver necklace

I rarely do straight product reviews.  However, when Angela from Imprecious asked me to talk about their jewellery range, I thought readers would LOVE to know about it. So, I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about the Imprecious custom silver jewellery range.

The idea behind Imprecious  jewellery is to reproduce an imprint of a loved one’s fingerprint  into a charm you can wear everyday. The beautiful result is jewellery that is truly personal, organic, elegant, and something to pass down through generations!

Angela Bennett and  Robin Foley are the artists behind the brand, and their vision is to  provide jewellery that is both beautiful and uniquely meaningful to the wearer. 

I adore the necklace Angela made for me.  It’s incredibly special to have a representation of my children around my neck.  In the future, I see myself making each charm into a necklace to give to each of my children. And perhaps then to my grandchildren. What a happy thought!

How it works

1. I received a kit in the mail with clear instruction on how to create a finger print. There’s also a instruction video  here: How to Make Your Fingerprint Charms

{This wasn’t difficult, in fact, it was fun for the kids!}

2.  Send the moulds back to Imprecious and wait for your necklace to arrive!

imprecious necklace: How to Make Fingerprint Charms

The Range

Here’s a snap shot of the extensive Imprecious range.

imprecious range custom silver jewellery

{L to R: Embellishments, Earrings, Braceletts, Necklaces }

Video Review


Thank you Anglea and Imprecious for making something so special.

(Note: I received a complimentary necklace from Imprecious but was not paid for this review.)

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