A Glue Blob Monster

A glue blob monster

Ever found a blob of craft glue that has leaked from the bottle? Kids think it’s so cool. With that in mind, the children and I made Glue Blob Monsters. This is a fun activity for children partiucularly aged 6-9. Boys may enjoy this craft too because of the glue factor.


Clear craft glue

Permanent Markers

Google Eyes

Wool (optional)

Food colouring (optional)

Toothpick (optional)


1. On baking paper, squeeze out glue approximately the size of a 50 cent piece.

2. If desired, drop food colouring on glue and mix with a toothpick. We made both a red and clear blobs.

3. To have the monster/face on a stick, lay a (sharp end trimmed) toothpick half way up the glue blob. We made blobs with, and without sticks.

4. Add the google eyes while the blob is wet (if you have them).

5. Allow to dry overnight. It’s part of the fun to see how the blob has dried in the morning.

6. Once dry, decorate face with permanent marker and add wool for hair if desired.

how to make a glue blob monster

Out of the glue blobs we made, this is the one my daughter LOVED the best.

A blob of glue**food colouring**google eyes. Simple huh?

glue blob monster

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