Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids to Make

Father’s Day all started with a woman. The idea for creating a day for children to honour their fathers began with a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonora adored her father and, while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909, she felt Fatherhood should be recognised also.  Through her influence, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance decided to hold the first Father’s Day celebration on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

To help celebrate the special men in your lives, below are 10 craft ideas.

Gifts for Kids to Make for Father’s Day

1. Sticky Notepad Holder

This sticky notepad holder is useful and easy to make. Ideal for children aged 6-10.

{Father’s Day Craft: Sticky Note Pad Holder}

Father's Day craft Ideas -- Sticky Note Holder complete

Craft Glue
41 Paddlepop sticks
Stick note pad
Felt pens
  • Draw on cardboard a 11 cm square. I used cardboard from an used box.
  • Glue down 2 paddlepop sticks parallel inside the pen line.
  • Glue a dot on the ends of another 2 paddlepop sticks and place on the existing paddlepop sticks to form a square.
  • Repeat this process, placing 2 parallel paddle popsticks at a time until you have used all sticks expect one.
  • Write “Happy Father’s Day 2011” on the remaining paddlepop stick in box and glue to the front of the sticky note box.
  • Place the stick note pad inside.
  • Colour the top paddlepop sticks with felt pens.
  • Once dry, cut around the base of the box.

{Father’s Day Craft: How to Make a Sticky Pad Note Holder}

Father's Day craft Ideas -- Sticky Note Holder

2. “Dad: Rock Paper weight

I love this paper weight rock. It will no doubt add a spash of colour to Dad’s desk.

{Father’s Day Craft: Rock paperweight}

father's day craft idea -- dad rock paperweight


Smooth rock that sits fairly flat


Paint brush

Paint Pen


  • Paint rock
  • Use a paint pen (or permanent marker) to write the word “DAD” on the rock

Tip: Write with paint pen, “Dad rocks!” on the back of the rock.

3. Photo frame

I purchased a craft photo frame at a discount store for $4.50. My daughter painted it and I put a favourite picture of the kids inside.

{Father’s Day Craft: Painted Photo Frame}

father's day craft idea -- painted photo frame


Picture frame


Paint brushes


4. Personalised Tea (or Coffee) Bags

Personalised photo tea bags is a fun idea for a Grandpa. To find out how to make them, read my instructions on this post: Personalised Photo Tea Bags.

{Father’s Day Craft: Photo Tea Bags}

father's day craft idea: Personalised Photo Tea Bags

5. Pen Holder Photo

This pen holder photo is sure to make Dad smile.  Simply print and cut around a favourite picture, glue to the top of a paddlepop stick and write “Happy Father’s Day 2011” on the end of the stick. Dad can pop it in with the pens and pencils. It can also be used as a bookmark.

{Father’s Day Craft: Pen Holder Photo}

father's day craft idea -- pen holder photo


Paddlepop stick

Craft Glue



father's day craft idea -- pen holder photo complete

6. Hand print Canvas

A hand print canvas is a beautiful personalised gift.  I purchased this canvas from a discount shop for $4.  It’s a wonderful idea to put the name and age of each child on the completed project.

{Father’s Day Craft: Hand Print Canvas}

father's day craft idea -- canvas hand print




7. Garden Paver Feature

This garden paver cost me 50 cents. Allow the kids to decorate with paint pens (you can buy from stationery stores and some newsagents). The paint will fade a little in the sun so place the paver in an undercover garden or on a patio for best results.

{Father’s Day Craft: Garden Feature}

father's day craft idea -- garden paver



Paint Pens

8. Bookmark

Such a simple idea but something I know will put a smile on Dad’s face when he is studying.

{Father’s Day Craft: Bookmark}

father's day craft idea -- bookmark


Paper clip



Cardboard cut to size (with hole punched at top) or shipping label


  • Glue photo to cardboard
  • Child decorates cardboard
  • Tie one end of the ribbon to the cardboard and the other to the paperclip
  • To use as a bookmark, place the paper clip over the marked page and leave the photo hang out

9. Father’s Day Memo

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots has this adorable owl memo. Click the picture to find out more.

{Father’s Day Craft: Owl Memo}

Father's Day Craft -- memo

10. PaddlePop Stick Magnetic Photo Frame

This classic Father’s Day craft is always a winner because it’s easy and looks great. Click the picture to read the instructions.

{Father’s Day Craft: Paddpop stick magnetic photo frame}

father's day craft -- paddlepop stick photo frame

Other Craft Ideas

  • Paint a shirt
  • Paint a calico BBQ apron
  • Decorate a jar with paint, buttons and stars, and fill with some delicious homemade treats
  • Paint a canvas
  •  Make a pillow cover out of calico (or buy a white pillow cover) and allow the child to draw on it with fabric markers
  • Make a chocolate cake and write the word “DAD” with smarties on top
  • Make a footprint bookmark by cutting around print and attaching a ribbon
  • Make wrapping paper for dad with hand prints on butchers paper

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