Taking Photos for Father’s Day

A wonderful photo of your children can be just the thing for Father’s Day. There are so many crafts and gifts you can make with photos. Below are 5 ways you can take photos of children for Father’s Day.

If you are looking for tips on getting kids to smile for the camera, read my post here: Photographing Kids — Getting Kids to Smile for the Camera.

1. Canvas Photograph

Paint hand prints on a canvas and get the child/ren to hold it for the photo.

father's day photographs

2. Holding Letters Photograph

Use letters are props for this photograph. You can use these types of props:

  • Letter blocks
  • Cut out letters
  • Letters drawn on a page
  • A sign with a message

father's day photographs

{Image from Mummy Savers}

Frugal Father's Day Photo Gift

3. Feet Photograph

I saw this gorgeous feet photograph idea on The Orgnaised Housewife blog. It was a fun picture to take with the kids because they thought it was hilarious. The lighting wasn’t fantastic but we still managed to get a decent shot. I had quite a few feet to write on but you can adjust the message to suit.

father's day photographs -- letters on feet


    • Have the child/ren sit on the grass. The photographer should lie down on the grass to ensure the feet are in the forefront of the picture.
    • Sit the children on a table with a tablecloth and crouch down to take the picture so the feet are in the forefront. Make sure you have the table where there is a nice background if possible.

{1 child}

Father's Day Photograpgh: feet photoraph one child

{2 children}

feet photograph two children

{3 children}

feet photograph three children

{4 children}

father's day photograph feet photograph four children

{5 children}

feet photograph five children

{6 children}

feet photograph six children

{more kids}

If you have more than 6 kids, the word combination is huge!

4. New or Expecting Dad Photograph

Tie a bow on the baby or pregnant belly for a photograph.

new baby pregnancy picture father's day

5. Fun/Favourite Photograph with Dad

Get Dad to pose for a special picture with the kids.

father's day photographs

To help celebrate the special men in your lives, I have 3 other posts filled with ideas.

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