10 Fun School Holiday Food Ideas

I have fond memories of school holidays.  It didn’t matter if we went somewhere for the holiday period, or stayed at home, my mum always found ways to make it special and a little out of the ordinary.   

I think one of the keys to successful school holidays is to make it a little different; a little special.   One of the ways to do this is with food.  There is a lot of negativity about treats because of the problems with health in this society but I think if you live a balanced life, the odd treat can be a really fun thing. 

Many of my fond childhood memories surround food. I remember ice-creams after a swim at the beach, riding my bike down to buy sweets from the shop and all the glorious variety of food at Christmas-time. In general at home, I very rarely buy lollies, chocolate or chips (expect for birthdays), and we rarely eat cake either. So when it comes to school holidays, I can afford to relax things and have a little fun with food. I believe building a memory treasure chest for your children can give them something to draw back on when they are adults.  There’s a lot of power in that.

1. Popcorn for Movie Nights

school holiday food ideas -- popcorn container template

I have designed a free printable popcorn template you can print. It’s perfect for morning/afternoon tea or movie nights.  Click here: Popcorn Container Free Template.

2. Hot Chips in a Cup

school holiday food ideas -- hot chips in a cup

I bake hot chips in the oven sometimes for lunch and serve them in our My Colour Cups for lunch.

3. Straws

school holiday food ideas -- straw in a cup

Just having a straw to drink water or milk out of  a cup can be a fun thing for children. Straws are also wonderful for craft. Have a look at this post: Straw Boats.

4. Frozen Fruit Kebabs

school holiday food ideas -- fruit kebabs

Frozen fruit kebabs are a wonderful healthy treat. You can use kebab sticks or even spaghetti to thread fruit on.  Pop them in the freezer for about 30 minutes or until frozen.

5. Custard or Yoghurt in a Glass

school holiday food ideas -- custard in a cup

Something as simple as having thick custard or yoghurt in a glass can make the food a little more exciting. Variation: Top with frozen berries, muesli and a scoop of ice-cream.

6. Strawberry Ice Blocks

 school holiday food ideas -- strawberry mousse Iceblocks

My Magic Mousse recipe is healthy and wonderful frozen. Click here for the recipe: Strawberry Mousse Recipe.

7. Instant Pudding

school holiday food ideas -- instant pudding

I sometimes buy instant pudding on the school holidays. I set it in these cute little bowls (you can get from Coles and Woolworths). Works well frozen too.

8. Mini Cupcakes with Marshmallow Icing

Mini Cupcakes with Pretty icing

These cupcakes are fun for kids ot make, and they look fantastic too. Click here for the recipe: Mini Cupcakes with Marshmallow Icing.

9. Bread Shapes

school holiday food ideas bread shapes

Stamp bread shapes with the top of a cup or with cookie cutters.

10. Iced Biscuits

food for kids ice biscuits

All you need is a packet of plain biscuits (or make your own), some icing and sultanas (or other ingredients to decorate).

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    September 18, 2011 at 11:20 am

    We often have fairy bread cut into shapes – not super healthy but fun every now and then.

    We also have “platters” – a big plate with a bit of this and a bit of that – whatever mummy chops up. It is my way of mixing the healthy stuff with the not so healthy!

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    10 Healthy School Holiday Activity Ideas
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