A Mistake: Why is it Not Easily Fixed?

This series of posts follows Fi and her family as they plan a 6 month family getaway to Uluwatu, Bali. If you want to know more or catch up on previous entries, visit the first post in the series here: Family Tropical Adventure in Bali.

Guest post by Fiona from Destination Bali


Passports: That was the aim this week. You will be glad I said aim when you read on.

Mistake 1

I checked the passport forms 3 times and then realised they had been filled out with my married name, which I haven’t actually changed on my licence. So instead of myself, my husband went to the at the Passport Office for the interview about the kids’ passports.

Mistake 2

{At the Passport Office} All was good until just before the sign off.

Passport Officer: “The passport was issued after your first child was born?”


Passport Officer: “He is 9 and a half now. This one is expired and can’t be used. You will need his birth certificate so we can renew it.”

{My husband went home to get our son’s birth certificate} On returning to the Passport office:

Passport Officer: “This is still not acceptable as the name on the birth certificate is not the same name on the passport.”

“Really? After our son being Nicholas all of his life, as the birth certificate actually says, he now has to be Nicholaus on his passport?”

Passport Officer: “That’s right”

We, his parents, disagree but there is no shaking the passport office, even though they issued his passport originally using that same birth certificate! Our son Nicholas (NOT Nicholaus) now has to change his name back to the one he always had by depol, get a new birth certificate, and then reapply. Thank goodness we allowed a lot of time! I think it would be easier to buy one on EBay.

Wouldn’t it be great if they were prepared to fix their own mistake!

Our Little Blue House

House repairs are underway so it is in good working order for the people who will live in our home while we are in Bali. Isn’t it amazing that we are content with opening a door with a lift-and-knee combo but we don’t feel this is acceptable for others.

I am thinking of placing an ad for our little blue house in the school newsletter. Our only requirement is for a happy family to enjoy it, and of course that we can cover the mortgage while we are gone.

{a picture of our blue house — available for 6 months}

our home

Notes to self (so I make sure I don’t lose sight of the little moments as they happen):

  • Spring is here so lots of activity for the kids is great.
  • The carrots are all ready for harvest, not that many are making to the table. Most are pulled out, washed under the tap and eaten Bugs Bunny style by the kids, with the tops given to Charlie Sparkle (our rabbit).
  • New cast on arm of our youngest (because of his accident). The original cast got a full drenching the bath.

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