Christmas Table Decorations: Button Christmas Tree

To give your Christmas table a quirky/crafty look, try this cute Button Christmas Tree centrepiece.


Buttons (you can buy buttons from craft shops and thrift shops)

Styrofoam or Paper cone shape

Glue (Special glue needs to be used on styrofoam. Craft clue can be used for paper mache.)

Glue to use on Styrofoam

button christmas tree -- styrofoam cone paper cone -- what glue to use on styrofoam


Simple glue the buttons around the cone as desired. Finish of the decorations with a pom pom, bauble or ribbon.

{I didn’t buy enough buttons to finish this project but you get the idea — you need a lot of buttons}

button christmas tree

Matching Button Wreaths

You may like to make matching button wreaths to use as napkin rings.

{click the picture for the tutorial}