10 Healthy School Holiday Activity Ideas

I have you covered this school holidays with a huge range of posts.

{a day out exploring the country}

healthy school holiday activities -- a day out exploring the country

Today, the team over at the Heart Foundation are here with their top 10 healthy school holiday ideas.

Guest post by Heart Foundation — Mums United

Healthy and fun school holidays (without the fuss)

The holiday period while bringing a welcome break to enjoy time together, can also demand a lot of a family especially when it comes to keeping kids entertained. So how do you keep your kids happy and active without needing a second mortgage or giving into junk food bribery?

The Mums at the Heart Foundation have come together to share their favourite top 10 tips for a happy, healthy, hassle free holiday for everyone:

1. Feeling fruity

Chop up a platter of fruit and keep it in the fridge and let kids help themselves for quick, cool snacks or just keep the fruit bowl well stocked.  For hot days, frozen seedless white grapes or oranges are thirst quenching and delicious; just allow them to soften for a few minutes before eating.

2. Hop to it

 Teach your kids the games you used to play at school think hopscotch, hand ball, elastics and French cricket, and join in too.

3. Toy with me

Keep some inexpensive toys put aside for the inevitable “I m bored, Mum!” like hoola hoops, Frisbees, kites, volleyball, velcro balls and catching mits.

4. Treat em right

Reward good behaviour with trips to the park, beach, skate bowl or local pool rather than food treats.

5. Piece of pizza

Ask older kids to help prepare the ingredients for pizza and have them assemble their own dinner. Challenge children to see how many different colours they can get on their pizza just remember to keep it healthier by using reduced fat cheese.

6. Take turns

Give a friend with kids the afternoon off and invite her children over for a play date with yours she ll be happy to take her turn too.

7. Wear them out

Team up with another family with kids, pack a picnic, hat, sunscreen and plenty of cool drinks and take the kids on an adventure bushwalk. Keep them going for most of the day and they ll be in bed early.

8. Start a veggie patch

Encourage the children to dig over a patch of earth or buy planters to turn into your own veggie patch. Allow the children to choose the seedlings they want to plant and encourage them to water, weed, harvest, prepare and cook the produce.

9. Star walks

Switch off the box and take the family and a few torches out for walks after dinner. Walk on the beach, around your neighbourhood or go to the local park to spot nocturnal wildlife.

10. Putting on an act

Keep younger children busy and active by challenging hem to act out their favourite story. They can spend the afternoon dressing up and rehearsing and put on the performance after dinner.

For more information about living a healthy lifestyle including free recipes, visit:

no fuss school holiday ideas


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    September 23, 2011 at 3:52 am

    I love seeing so many suggestions that involve getting outside or being active. Bushwacking is one of my favorite things to do with the kids – I even start to feel like a little explorer again 🙂

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