Christmas Craft: Hand Print Wreath

Hand Print Wreath

This hand print wreath is a fun Christmas craft that kids can personalise with their own hand-print.

christmas craft -- hand print wreath


Circle template

Coloured Paper (Here are some colour combination ideas: red and green; gold and silver; pink and purple.)



Sequence (optional)


1. Cut around circle template. Click the picture below for the PDF template.

christmas craft - hand print wreath template

2. Cut out the inside circle so you are left with a hole inside.

3. Trace hand of child on to coloured paper and cut out (red and green looks great).  Depending on the size of child’s hand, you will need 8-12 hand shapes. If you prefer, you can use the ready-made hand-print  in the template (this can be useful if you are doing this craft with a group of small children and there is time constraints).

4. Glue hand-prints around wreath circle with fingers facing out, decorate with sequence (optional) and hang with ribbon.

christmas craft - hand print wreath

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