Christmas Craft: Painted Pine Cone

snow pine cone

I adore the look of painted pine cones. You can either paint the prongs with white to create that white Christmas look or use spray paint to colour the entire pine cone.  You can even use liquid paper to colour the pine cones. Works a treat!

painted pine cone snow with liquid paper


Pine Cone

White Paint/Liquid Paper (or spray paint colour of choice)

Paint Brush

Glitter (optional)


1. Remove any dirt from the pine cone prongs with a tissue.

2. Paint the tips of the pine cone prongs with white paint.

3. Add a bit of glitter to the wet paint (optional).

4. Allow to dry.

5. Use as a table centerpiece or Christmas Tree decoration.

Painted pine cones looks gorgeous in a bowl, hanging on from a ribbon from the ceiling or displayed in a jar.

pine cone craft

Christmas Craft

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