Potpourri Gift Bag Activity

The October Love the Moment Challenge was all about smell.  Below was my list for the month:

  • find my mum’s perfume. Done!
  • buy fresh flowers once this month Done!
  • make bread Done!
  • make potpourri bags with the kids Done!

When it came to making potpourri bags with the kids, we found it to be such an easy and fun activity.

1. Buy

We found a variety of gorgeous potpourri from House & Garden. The children loved smelling them all before deciding on the one they liked best.

where to buy potpourri

2. Bags

You can buy organzer gift bags from Spotlight and discount/craft stores.

organza bag for potpourri

3. Fill

Fill the bags and tie a knot.

potpourri gift bags
4. Use

The children put their potpourri bags in a drawer and we had enough left over to add to Christmas presents.

potpourri gift bags
If you’re looking for something to do with kids this weekend, I’m sure they will love this activity!

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