Christmas Craft: White Christmas Diorama

An Adventure

One afternoon after school, the kids and I decided to go for a drive to look for pine cones. Pine cones have such a Christmassy feel and they can be used for all sorts of things!

Going on a hunt, a quest, is one of the things I like to do with the kids for a bit of adventure. We didn’t have to drive far; we found pine cones on the ground just 5 minutes from our home.

A Memory

One of the ways we utilised the pine cones, was to create a play scene. I’m discovering the value of encouraging my children to create their own play — through imaginative play, play scenes and dioramas — rather than solely relying on toys and entertainment for play options. As I was thinking about how we could use the pine cones, I remembered a scene from one of my favourite Christmas movies, White Christmas. In the scene, set on a train, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen sing Snow. As they sing, they create a quick snow scene with scarves, and I always thought it was all kinds of fabulous. HA! Funny: the things you remember.

white christmas bing sings snow train

Watch/listen to the song if you like.

A Creation

Below is a picture of our pine cone diorama version of the White Christmas snow scene.

White Christmas Snow Diorama


3-6 Pine cones

Cotton Wool Balls

Shoe box (with lid)

Craft glue

Craft pom poms (optional)

Plastic figurine animials (optional)

How to make:

1. Glue cotton wool balls on the inside of the lid.

Instructions: how to make christmas diorama

2. Decorate the pine cones by tearing off small pieces of cotton wool and placing it between the prongs, or for a more colourful look, use coloured craft pom poms. (You can also paint the pine cone prongs with white/glitter).

how to make a christmas diorama

3. Cut a piece of blue paper (or draw your own backdrop) to the size of the inside of the box and glue down.

how to make a christmas diorama

4. Glue the pine cones to the box lid (you may have to part some cotton wool to make way for the pine cones).

how to make a christmas diorama

5. Place the base of the box up on it’s side and glue the lid inside, as shown below.

how to make a christmas diorama

6. Add back drop detail (for example: sun/cloud) and any relevant (or not so relevant) animials or person figures. We found a reindeer look alike in our toy collection.

how to make a christmas diorama

* If you like the idea of play scenes, you can create any scene your child likes (without the need for glue!). Use a shoe box, basket or bucket and re-create a scene with items around the house (eg, water scene: bowl of water, rocks, leaves, snake, grass; fairy scene: scarves, sequence, buttons, dolls; zoo scene: animal figures, fences; White Christmas scene: pine cones, cotton wool, scarf, bowl of ice).


I love this craft because it was a process. Despite how much craft is on this blog, I wouldn’t call myself a crafty person (because I don’t always enjoy doing craft, nor am I very neat/good at it). However, I do love creating, and believe it is extremely beneficial for kids too. I enjoy participating in crafty projects with the kids when it means something, and I can connect the dots, which then leaves me with a very satisfied feeling.  This is the perfect example: the kids and I had an adventure looking for pine cones, a wonderful memory gave me an idea on what to do with what we found, and when you put them together, this craft if the result.

This is how I like to roll if at all possible 😉

Christmas Craft

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    Going for a walk to collect pine cones to paint is on our to do list for when school breaks up 🙂

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